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About Hello Virility!

At Hello Virility, we utilize All Natural holistic modalities and Integrative Medicine to combat the causes of impotence. We incorporate Acupuncture with our state of the art low intensity pressure wave therapy. Join our team today and be one step closer to regaining power in your life.

About ED

Erectile Dysfunction is a medical condition where men struggle to reach or maintain an erection regardless of his level of arousal and sex drive. It is extremely common and occurring more frequently each year. Although Erectile Dysfunction is more common in older men, impotence can effect men of all ages. There are a number of factors that contribute to E.D both physical and emotional.

The Physical Factors Include:


  • Lack of adequate blood flow to the penis that may be caused by other medical conditions such as: hardened or constricted arteries, hypertension, heart disease or diabetes.

  • Blood cannot stay in the penis to maintain an erection.

  • Hormone issues

  • Age

  • Neurological issues caused by either disease, injury, or surgery (may cause issue with the nerves connected to the penis.

  • Pharmaceutical drug use

  • Smoking (known to cause cardiovascular issues like thickening of the blood and narrowing of arteries)

  • Drinking and Drug use( can cause damage to blood vessels)



Emotional Factors Include:

  • Relationship Stresses

  • Stresses from everyday life (work, social,

     culture, religion)

  • Depression (and other psychological


  • Anxiety


Impotence Protocol


To open energetic centers in the reproductive area 


Administration of low intensity acoustic energy waves for 15-20 minute sessions, twice a week for 3 weeks

Additional services will be discussed throughout your treatment that may better your chances of reaching and maintaining lasting erections.
Treatments are quick and pain-less. There are no known risk or negative side effects. 

Our All Natural Program BEATS ALL competitive prices in the DMV area for ED support. Join Now!!

Hello Virility

E.D. Support

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