"I will be honored to help you and your family on this holistic journey of health, balance, and wellness."


"Dr. Angel Wood is a godsend and she has such a beautiful and caring spirit! I was referred to her a few months ago...it was the best referral I ever received. Originally I went for a hydrotherapy colonic and figured that would be it, but while there, I learned just how knowledgeable she was in holistic and Eastern Medicine. Her credentials don't begin to express her skill and knowledge-base; I am so very impressed and honored to have someone of her caliber treat me. I continue to be treated by Dr. Wood for a number of chronic medical issues...one being severe pain in my foot (from tendinitis). After a few acupuncture treatments (and other services as she see the need for adjustment), I was able to walk out of her office basically without the pain I walked in with. This is the first time in almost a year I have been able to do this. I will continue my treatments and I will continue shouting from the roof tops on just how great a practitioner she is..."


"When I initially started seeing Dr. Wood I had so many issues. Chronic issues. Not only is Angel a talented Doctor, but she is a very compassionate person which makes the visit all the more rewarding."

- Tierra G


"Dr Angel Wood was very sweet, caring, and was able to help with my chronic back pain. She truly knows what she is doing. I will definitely go back."

- Daughter E

"I just recently went in for an acupuncture session. I was expecting just another doctors office but walking into her office was as if i was in a spa. Nothing short of a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Thats the same impression you get from meeting Dr. Angel. Dr. Angel is absolutely an amazing and powerful women. Thats an understatement! I came in tense, achey and sleep deprived... I left loose, relaxed, so relaxed i actually fell asleep. I recommend her to any one who seeks to improve their health!"

-Carolina H. 

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