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About Angel Eastern Medicine

Dr. Angel Wood

Reawakening the natural healing within the body, mind, and spirit is a vital part of your well being. After completing my undergraduate degree, I spent 6 years studying Chinese Medicine under well respected Practitioners in complementary healing medicine.  Through my studies, I've learned that symptoms are viewed as a relationship with the whole body. In order to bring healing and balance to the whole person, we must explore the underlying cause of an illness or dis-ease. The symptoms may show up on a physical level (shoulder pain, back pain, headaches etc.), mental emotional level ( stress, hypertention/HBP, hypotention/LBP, etc.) and spirit level ( sense of hopelessness, loss, emptiness etc.). My mission is to bring about healing that is unique to each individual.  I will utilize many different styles of healing medicine to open the door of wellness in your life. I believe that healing exist in all life, and in all forms of energy.  Its a matter of reintroducing yourself to the true person in the mirror while allowing the gifts in you to shine.